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First results presented in Stavanger

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The first results from the Hovdabrekka project was presented at the bi-annual conference for Nordic journalism educators in Stavanger 15-17. sept.

Several documents from this event is available at this website. New documents include:

– A powerpoint (in .ppt and a much more print-friendly .pdf-format) from the presentation in Stavanger (with extra slides not shown)
– three documents with tables (very rough): By country, by country and gender, and by institution.

Please note that the tables by country have been weighed to accomondy for the different gender ratios in the Nordic countries. Also, Norway are represented by two groups “NorwState” which include Oslo, Volda, Stavanger, Bodø and Kautokeino. “NorwOther” includes the other. Also note that for Denmark, the students of Roskilde are not included (see the “methodology post” below.

Jan Fredrik


The Hovdabrekka project

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Project Hovdabrekka originated at the Nordic conference for journalist teachers at Hovdabrekka, Iceland September 2004, where a small group of scientists/lecturers assembled with a desire to do a comparative quantitative study of students at Nordic journalism schools. The group now consists of Jan Dyberg (Danish School of Journalism), Marina Ghersetti (University of Gøteborg), Henrikka Zilliacus-Tikkanen (Universitety of Helsinki), Rune Ottosen (Oslo University College), Gunn Bjørnsen (Bjørknes Private School) og Jan Fredrik Hovden (Volda University College, secretary).

Until very recently, there existed little systematic knowledge on the students of journalism in the Nordic countries. With the study of Norwegian students done by Ottosen, Bjørnsen and Hovden since the year 2000, we now have extensive survey data on the two largest schools of journalism in Norway (Oslo and Volda University Colleges), but little from other nordic countries or he many other schools of journalism in Norway. Other existing data is mainly in the form of very general surveys to the total student population at educational institutions, or internal entrance or candidate-studies with a rather limited scope. Until now, there has thus been a lack of comparative surveydata that makes it possible to compare and analyze differences between the schools of journalism in Norden.

For these reasons, the Hovdabrekka group planned and sent out a web-survey to new students at 19 schools of journalism in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland at the start of the autumn semestre in 2005.

Jan Fredrik