Project Hovdabrekka


The Hovdabrekka group is a group of nordic researchers doing survey studies of Nordic journalism schools (2005,-08,-12). The current members are:

Norway: Rune Ottosen,Gunn Bjørnsen and Jan Fredrik Hovden
Sweden:  Jenny Wiik and Ulrika Andersson.
Denmark:  Ida Willig and Jannie Møller Hartley.
Finland: Henrika Zilliacus-Tikkanen and Raimo Solokangas
Iceland: Þorbjörn BroddasonValgerður Jóhannsdóttir and Birgir Guðmundsson

Former members: Jan Dyberg and Hanne Jørndrup (Denmark), Marina Ghersetti (Sweden)

Project Hovdabrekka originated at the Nordic conference for journalist teachers at Hovdabrekka, Iceland September 2004, where a small group of scientists/lecturers decided to do a comparative quantitative study of students at Nordic journalism schools.

Until very recently, there existed little systematic knowledge on the students of journalism in the Nordic countries. For these reasons, the Hovdabrekka group planned and sent out a web-survey to new students at 19 schools of journalism in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland at the start of the autumn semestre in 2005, and repeated the survey (this time to every student at every level) in 2008. A new survey is planned for 2012. See the menu for more information.

For questions and more information regarding this project, contact Jan Fredrik Hovden, who is the current leader of the project.

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