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Nordic Journalism Students 2008: Data collection finished

In Surveys on February 6, 2009 at 13:22

The survey of Nordic Journalism Students for 2008 is now finished. The average response rate was 53%. The average response rate per institution was 62%, revealing major differences in response rates between institutions and countries (Bodø had the highest response rate at 90%).

Average response rates for the countries were: 39% (Finland), 58% (Sweden), 67% (Norway) and 48% (Denmark). In particular, two schools contribute a lot to the relative low response rate: Tammerfors (26%) and Odense (29%). Also, three other schools have a response rate below fifty percent: Jÿvaskÿla (45%), Södertörn (48%), Gimlekollen (47%) and Roskilde (48%). We will look into the resons for the low response rate in Tammerfors and Odense.

Overall, however, with a total response from 2183 students, we are convinced that this data material offer exciting possibilites for cross-national research on the recruitment and professional ideals and aspirations of the Nordic Journalism Students. We also like to thank our partners at the participating schools for the contribution to making this survey possible, and of course – the students.